OUR Services

At ARR we offer you all aspects of classic car servicing and repair right through to full restorations and competition engine and body preparation. We pride ourselves on having a keen eye for attention to detail, so whether it is a new tail light bulb for your summer classic or a complete race car build we have it covered.


Whether it is a pride and joy classic road car, or championship winning historic race car, they both require the same attention to detail, experience and knowledge to get them right.  With vast experience and great technical ability, ARR can be trusted to handle all levels of restoration. 


The most enjoyable aspect of classic car ownership has to be the ability to get in and go for a pleasurable drive. 

To achieve this joy, your classic car must be reliable, sadly something that is not always the case.  By having a deep-routed knowledge and understanding of classic cars and the way that they work, ARR are able to offer a reliable and effective servicing.  From adjusting a wheel bearing, setting the points to balancing and adjusting carburettors ARR truly appreciate the way classic cars work.

Engine building

At the heart of any great competition car is a great competition engine.  As the old adage goes, ‘to finish first, first you have to finish’.  This is where the reliability of a thorough engine rebuild comes home. 

Having an encyclopaedic knowledge of tolerances, fits and clearances is essential to allow all of the precision parts within an engine to work to their best potential.  Critical attention must be paid to the condition of all engine parts due to the incredibly high stress loads they face.  This is where ARR’s experience pays dividends. 

A thorough and extensive understanding of how to get the best performance from an engine allows ARR to identify the most efficient and effective route to ultimate performance.  Treating the engine as a complete entity where each part has to work in total harmony with each other part is pivotal to this approach and has always been at the heart of true race winning engine building.

BMC A-series engine and gearbox specialist, having built countless 5 ports for Minis, MG midget, AH sprite, Morris minor, Austin A30/35/40, Formula juniors and many more as well as 7 ports, 8 ports both Weslake and Arden and 16V engines from KAD and JKD.

Road and Race engines from other marques are also catered for so if you have an engine from a classic AC or Austin Healey through to a Ford Pre-Xflow, Xflow, Twincam, Pinto or BD series and on to a Triumph or Wolseley and anything in between ARR can cater for your requirements. Please call or email with your requests.

Race prep

How to make every single part better and how that cumulates in to a large improvement in the complete race car is at the heart of successful race preparation. 

Just like successful engine building, attention to detail is vital to achieve safety, reliability and performance.  Having built many winning race cars and having been a successful racer himself, Phil at ARR knows exactly how to get the best from a race car.  Be it a brand new build or the evaluation, development and setup of an existing car, Phil will carefully identify the potential to make a good car truly great.  Leaving no stone unturned in the quest for ultimate performance, ARR look in to minute detail to achieve maximum results.

Machine work

At ARR we can offer the following engineering services

  • Cylinder block Boring and honing

  • Engine component balancing

  • General machining/lightening

  • Cylinder head and block refacing

  • Ferrous and non-ferrous non destructive Crack testing

  • Cylinder head modifying- all aspects from basic unleaded conversions to full race cylinder heads

  • Welding and fabrication