Yes, we've decades of experience under the bonnet - but what about in the seat? 

Phil started his racing career in 2000 sprinting and hillclimbing with various class wins and top ten finishes. In 2004 he built an all new Mini Miglia car to compete in the Dunlop Mini Miglia Championship.  He had a sensational first year, taking home the novice championship honours and a top 12 finish. Phil then moved on to another Mini Miglia in 2007 and competed in the newly formed British car trophy series at the Jim Clark revival meeting at Hockenheim. Phil sensationally set the fastest lap in the 2nd race and secured a podium position.


Wind forward a few years and 2011-12 Phil built his Appendix K Riley Elf and took it back to the Hockenheim ring to compete again in the British car trophy, as well as numerous other events since.

The Elf has always drawn a crowd because of its individuality amongst a grid of Minis.

Phil has competed in numerous races driving a varied selection of cars over the years including a number of races with both Glyn and Nick Swift.

A particularly memorable event being a Masters race at the iconic Spa Francorchamps with the late and great Glyn Swift who was celebrating his 70th birthday.  Between Phil and Glyn they comfortably took the class win and set a new lap record!



Looking forward, Phil is keen to use his blend of experience in the winning driver’s seat with his vast knowledge of building and preparing winning race cars, to help more drivers realise their own potential and that of their car. 

This is one of ARR’s key strengths, the ability to speak and interpret the language of a driver and blend that seamlessly with the knowledge of an engineer.